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ch-1.pngWylton and MECS initially joint ventured in Wylton Tongren, creating the best quality vanadium catalysts in China. When DuPont bought MECS in 2011, Wylton Group bought out MECS's share, so we are now the sole owner of Wylton Tongren. 

We are the only manufacturers in China that can compete in quality with top global providers such as MECS and Topsoe. Through collaboration with our sulphuric acid facilities, we have also recognized the potential needs for services and products in the process of using catalysts. We have designed our own catalyst screening equipment and developed our own technology in catalyst waste treatments. 

With in-depth experience and knowledge in the sulphuric acid industry, we are the only company that focuses on R&D with our own simulator device to test new products. Usage of our catalysts in our own sulphuric acid facilities also further verifies the quality of our products.

For more:https://www.wyltoncn.com