Environment Protection

Wylton is an enterprise with love. One of our core values is environmentalism which has been internalized as a part of the company's development strategy.

Wylton Group, as an enterprise founded in Canada, has been committed to bringing the state-of-the-art environmental philosophy back to China. We always adheres to the principle of “never getting any benefit at the expense of sacrificing the environment”.

In the office, we start from the trivial, such as two-sided printing, recycling of used batteries, saving electricity, refuse to use disposable cups, and so on. As an investor of chemical industry, Wylton always adhere to environmental beliefs to ensure clean emissions and waste recycling even though these equipments need huge investment costs. Nevertheless, we are still willing to pay such a price, because we have the courage to take the social responsibility of a group-type chemical enterprise to protect the air, water and soil, as well as the safety and health of everyone around.